Friday, September 21, 2007

Viva, Las Vegas!!

So, this past weekend I decided to take a little trip and visit my sister Amber in Las Vegas. Her hubby, Jared decided to abandon her in favor of a golf tournament and weekend with his family. So, I flew out on Friday night and Amber picked me up at the airport about 4:30 or so.

It's always a little strange to leave home, be in a plane for an hour, and then arrive at your destination at pretty much the same time you to love time zones! Amber and Jared even call time zones art, they have six clocks hanging in the stairwell, all set at different times for different locations around the world. I have to admit, that it's a cool idea, as well as a way to save you time when you're wondering what time it is in Singapore.

Anyway, back to the actual trip. After dropping my stuff of at her house, we went to The District to shop a little and eat dinner. We bought matching necklaces (I know, cheesy huh! But it's a cute necklace) at this store called Francesca's (I believe that's its name) and then waited for a while to eat at the Elephant Bar. Amber was starving by the time we were seated, but we were able to look at a menu while waiting and pretty much ordered as soon as the waitress started walking towards our table. Amber got a salad, and I got a Mahi Mahi dish...mmm, it was SO delicious!

I think this is the salad Amber got, and this at least kind of looks like my meal...

After our very satisfying meal we headed home to veg in front of the TV, and perhaps even learn something by watching the news.

We were supposed to go boating early Saturday morning, but we found out it have been cancelled due to expected high winds and a mild illness among one of the intended boaters. So the next day we had to settle for sleeping in and hanging out at the pool for an hour or two, tragic huh!

Every time I go to a pool I protest laying out because I get sunburned easily. Amber has always dismissed this as simply paranoia, but was taught a valuable lesson this past weekend...I burn within like 10 minutes, haha. I kept telling her that I felt like I was burning and she would say "you're fine." And later that day when I was trying on some clothes, I showed her my burns and she had to laugh, because we were hardly out in the lounge chair was even sitting in the shade!

OH!! I can't forget this. While we were chatting and sitting by the pool, this guy came to set up some air, jumpy toys for a complex BBQ later that day. (I don't know what the things are called, sad). He was rather large and was having some difficulty getting around and even breathing I would say. I could hear his raspy breaths everywhere he went. It was kind of sad actually, we let him in the pool area to try and find some plugs for the air pumps. It seemed to take him a long time to get things set up. We didn't go to the BBQ, so sorry if you were anticipating that particular story from the's not going to happen.

Picture of Amber and I...kind of scary (me, not Amber) it's such a close up! What's going on with my eyes?

We showered after being at the pool, and then Amber did my hair, as seen in the above picture. (also note, I am wearing the incredibly cute new necklace)
she thinks I should grow my bangs out, and I did like the way she did my hair, so it's a definite possibility.

So Saturday afternoon we went shopping, pretty much just for me. I needed some clothes I could wear to work, and what better place to shop than Las Vegas?

After an exhausting afternoon of lightening my wallet, Amber astounded me with her culinary abilities. She made quesadillas with chicken and cheese, heated up a can of black beans, and cut up some fruit for us to eat. It was a five star meal all the way.

We went out one more time that night, so I could use a cold stone gift certificate. I had my birthday cake bowl of sugar and fat (soo, good. It had cake batter ice cream, rainbow sprinkles, fudge, and brownie bits) while Amber settled down with her lactose free pint of strawberry Rice Dream. I think their advertisements should say "An ice cream like dessert made completely from rice, you won't think of ice cream at all while you are in THIS dreamland!" (or something like that)

We watched Blades of Glory. It had some pretty funny parts, but isn't a movie I would highly recommend due to quite a bit of crudeness. Although, I guess what can you expect when it's a movie about two guys doing pair figure skating...right?

After the movie and some more musings about life and how I am not an amiable person, it was off to bed...for we had an early morning the next started at 1:00pm!

Sunday we went to Sacrament meeting at Amber's ward. I saw and was introduced to her various friends, they all seem very nice. We left after that so that I could pack, so Amber could have time to warm up a can of soup (Progresso vegetable...with noodles! It was really good), and so we could make it to the water show at the Bellagio before I had to leave to come home.

We said our tearful goodbyes (at least I know Amber was crying on the inside) and I headed to my gate to wait for the plane. Unfortunately it was about thirty to fourty minutes before I realized that I was sitting at the wrong gate, not to mention that I had pretty much walked around in a circle to get to my gate, I didn't realize that my gate was right at the beginning of the C gates. (this might make more sense to those of you who are familiar with the Las Vegas Airport, sorry if you are not one of those privledged millions)

So, in conclusion, it was a really nice weekend and I was glad I got to spend some time getting re-acquainted with my sister!


Kathleen Chisholm said...

wow, sorry...could this post have been any longer?

answer: probably

jared & amber said...

Thanks for the rude comments about my cooking and the random fat man! Jared and I laughed reading it. Thanks for coming out and spending the weekend with me, we'll have to do it again soon. Good luck with being more amiable.

KrystaLyn said...

I know this is an old post, but I'm getting caught up and I just have to say...DB closed?? Right after you left??? How crazy is that?

Jk...what I was REALLY going to say is, look how cute you are in those pictures! :) Miss ya!