Tuesday, August 14, 2007

The Fire Alarm That Wasn't

The lights start going off, the alarm is blaring...of course you aren't going to think it's a real fire drill, they hardly ever are, right? So we are all sitting around, enjoying the club like feel of the strobe light, when Becky calls and says she saw smoke in the stairwell...oops, perhaps we should have been evacuating.

Then, we hear an overhead page saying that all the employees and patients have to evacuate the building. We grab our stuff and head out, and as usual, everyone is standing at the main entrance to the hospital, all unorganized and frazzled, waiting for any news.

Apparently someone got stuck in the elevator, and some huge panel came over from the wall next to the elevator and covered it up, made it inaccessible. We ended up out there for two minutes, thinking we might get to go home early, when they told us that we could go back in, it was just someone who was fixing the tiles on the roof who managed to create a flame.

Now everyone was trying to get on the elevators to get up to our floor, the 5th floor, and there was just as much chaos as when everyone thought there was a blaze in the building!

Back to work for the next hour and a half, oh well, at least we got to breathe some fresh air and take a break for a few minutes!


jared & amber said...

I'm going to need you to update this a little more often. The fire alarm was exciting a few weeks ago but reading it over and over again each time I log on has made it lose it's enthusiasm. :)

jared & amber said...

Seriously...anything new happened in the past month?