Thursday, August 9, 2007

Camping with the Family

Our family went camping for my niece, Elizabeth's, birthday this past July. (she's the one in the pink) All the kids were as dirty as can be, especially Evan, the littlest. But they certainly were having fun climbing over rocks and running around with sticks...although I'm not so sure that was the best idea.
Nathan ended up sleeping in Eric's (Bonnie's then Fiancee) tent. Five-thirty the next morning he's pounding on the mattress pad..."wake up, it's morning!!" Eric thought it best to wake up rather than to risk Nathan attempting to start a fire in the pit by himself. He was such a good sport.
Heather, Brooke, the kids and I all spent a little time in the afternoon down at the stream, soaking our feet and watching Katelyn fall 2 or 3 times as she walked barefoot on the slippery rocks...she was wet from head to foot!!
Mom and Dad even made a cameo appearance on Friday, with Grandpa trying to take the grandkids 4-wheeling. Dyke and Nathan got to go for a spin, but then the machine stopped mysteriously and wouldn't start again. Unfortunately that signaled the end of 4-wheeling for the day. (the can-am is back from the shop and working fine now, by the way)
Mom stayed close to camp, chatting with heather, doing an ever-present crossword puzzle, and trying to stay out of the sun.
We all had tacos for dinner, and peach cobbler which Brooke made in her dutch oven, although she forgot to add the eggs, it was really good. She tried to add them in when she realized she had forgotten them, but at that point we would have had peach cobbler with sunny-side-up eggs on top!
The parents left for the evening, hitting a deer along the way, but luckily, they suffered very little damage, only mild heart attacks and a bent bumper.
Overall, it wasn't too bad of a camping experience and it was fun to have the family there...all except Amber and Jared of course. We will have to plan another camping trip next year when we can ALL go again.

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jared & amber said...

How come there are no pictures of you on this? Cute start!