Wednesday, April 22, 2009


I resisted it for over a year, but I am finally enjoying the benefits of wearing a uniform to work! I have been wearing scrubs more and more often and it is such a relief to wake up in the morning, just put on a brightly colored oversized shirt and drawstring pants, and go. The hospital I work at has been cracking down on "illegal" employee parking so now we have to park in the furthest reaches of the parking lot, 4 or 5 floors up in the parking garage. It helps to wear scrubs and tennis shoes when you have to walk that far into work, or when you have to run in because you are late because you had to park so far away!

Also, if you wear scrubs fairly consistently, when you do end up wearing normal clothes everyone notices and comments on how nice you that is definitely another perk.

I only have two sets currently, but am planning on getting at least 2 more when I get back from my trip which I leave on in one week from today!!!

Laura and I went grocery shopping last night to get snacks for during the trip...I hope we have room to pack it all!


James Reese said...

Hey! I wish I was going with you on your trip, you are going to have an awesome time!!!!! Also, I didn't know you got to wear scrubs to work! Your life just keeps getting better and better.

VievEGirL said...

Maybe I should start wearing scrubs...but I guess if I don't work in a hospital and work from home then it is justed call pajamas. Dang! I try to "dress" up in jeans and T everyday. So I still have it good.

I am glad you are posting on your blog again. How did I not know you were on Vaca? Where did you go?

We need to chat some more too, I need another update...obviously ;)

Michael said...

You do know that when you get back from vacation this thing better get posted on with lots of pictures and satisfactory details? It's the law, don't fight it.