Saturday, July 25, 2009

24th of July Celebrations

Everyone came over to celebrate the 24th and Elizabeth's 13th birthday which was on July 14th. The weather stayed pretty good, it wasn't too hot and everyone had a good time. Dinner was delicious. I kept telling Elizabeth that she is turning into Amber. She requested steak, corn on the cob, and banana creme pie...some of Amber's favorites. We all missed Amber and Jared!

After dinner we did sparklers and Dad had to try out a few fireworks to see if they were illegal or not...
He's had that box of fireworks for over 20 years, watch out!

Katelyn, striking a pose

Joshua and Grandma

Kyle is so silly

uh, oh
Joshua is SO CUTE!

Ahh, so thirsty

Crazy, crazy kids!!

The yard looks wonderful as always. Dad did a great job, thanks!!

Nathan and Evan are inseparable as usual, and as silly as ever!

Ahh, the birthday girl herself, you think she would look a little bit more excited, but then again, she is a teenager now.

Katelyn and Kyle cooling off on the grass
Everyone including Ted came over to celebrate. Ted was the first to get to hold Joshua and as you can see, Josh didn't mind too much.

I just love watching Kyle run away, he kind of waddles, it's so funny


jared & amber said...

Fun! I'm sad I missed out.

Michael said...

It's been three months again... time for an update.