Monday, January 19, 2009


List of eights
Copied from Emily...

8 things I am obsessed with right now...
1. Going to the gym
2. Eating healthy
3. Being happy
4. Work, and not because I love it, ha-ha
5. Looking into taking a vacation
6. Family
7. Friends
8. Trying to make things less complicated

8 words or phrases that I use often...
1. Wow
2. “I don’t know…”
3. Seriously
5. I should ________ (fill in blank with any To-Do list item)
6. Why?!
7. I bet

8 shows I love to watch...
1. Bones
2. Chuck
3. House
4. Grey’s Anatomy- and yes I am realizing how many Dr. shows I am putting on here
5. Masterpiece Theater

8 things I did yesterday...
1. Slept in
2. Went to church
3. Starved because I didn’t have any breakfast or lunch
4. Went to a really long meeting after church
5. Went to a 100th episode party
6. Got lost trying to find the 100th episode party…
7. Ate too many mozzarella sticks
8. Hyperventilated just a bit

8 Favorite Places to Eat
1. Zupas
2. Paradise Bakery
3. The Skybox
4. Subway
5. Lettuce and Ladles
6. The Pie
7. Pei Wei
8. Cheesecake Factory

8 Things I am Looking Forward to...
1. Maybe joining an institute choir
2. My boss being out of town next week
3. Getting my first pedicure of the year
4. Buying new clothes when I reach my goal
5. Going to visit my sister in Sacramento soon
6. The weekend


jared & amber said...

Yes, please come visit. I might copy this post and put it on my blog...I haven't posted anything for like a month. Thanks for updating yours more frequently, it is fun to read!

James Reese said...

Hey! great lists! I should do that on mine too:) Hope you are doing great.

VievEGirL said...

I can see Lettuce and Laddles is on there. I take credit for that...thankyou, thankyou

jared & amber said...

I need something new. Please!